Install AxoSyslog

This chapter explains how to install AxoSyslog on various platforms.

Cloud-ready syslog-ng images

AxoSyslog provides cloud-ready syslog-ng images. These images differ from the upstream syslog-ng images, because:

  • They’re based on Alpine Linux, instead of Debian testing for reliability and smaller size (thus smaller attack surface).
  • They incorporate cloud-native features and settings, such as the Kubernetes source.
  • They incorporate container-level optimizations for better performance and improved security. For example, they use an alternative malloc library.
  • They support the ARM architecture.

The AxoSyslog images support the following architectures:

  • amd64
  • arm/v7
  • arm64

Install AxoSyslog

Other installation methods

  • You can install AxoSyslog on many platforms using the package manager and official repositories of the platform. For a list of third-party packages available for various Linux, UNIX, and other platforms, see syslog-ng Open Source Edition installation packages.
  • For instructions on compiling syslog-ng Open Source Edition from the source code, see the GitHub project page.
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