Configuration identifier

Starting with AxoSyslog version 4.2, you can specify a configuration identifier in the syslog-ng.conf file, for example:

@config-id: cfg-20230404-13-g02b0850fc

This can be useful in managed environments, where AxoSyslog instances and their configuration are automatically deployed or generated.

To show the configuration ID, run syslog-ng-ctl config --id

This returns the ID of the currently active configuration, and the SHA256 hash of the configuration (the hash of the output of the syslog-ng-ctl config --preprocessed command). The output is similar to:

cfg-20230404-13-g02b0850fc (08ddecfa52a3443b29d5d5aa3e5114e48dd465e195598062da9f5fc5a45d8a83)