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persist-tool — Display the content of the persist file


persist-tool [command] [options]


The persist-tool application is a utility that can be used to dump the content of the persist file, and manipulate its content.

WARNING: Persist-tool is a special tool for AxoSyslog experts. Do not use the tool unless you know exactly what you are doing. Misconfiguring it will result in irrecoverable damage to the persist file, without any warning.


Wildcard characters are not supported in file/directory names.

The dump command

Use the dump command to print the current content of the persist file in JSON format to the console.

dump <options;gt; <persist_file>

Example: persist-tool dump /opt/syslog-ng/var/syslog-ng.persist

The output looks like:

run_id = { "value": "00 00 00 00 0C 00 00 00 " }
host_id = { "value": "00 00 00 00 5F 49 2F 01 " }

The dump command has the following options:

  • --help or -?

    Display a brief help message.

The add command

add <options> <input_file>

Use the add command to add or modify a specified state-entry in the persist file. The state-entry should be in the same format as the dump command displays it. If the given state-entry already exists, it will be updated. Otherwise, a new value will be added. If the given persist state is invalid, it will be skipped.

To use the add command: use persist-tool dump to print the content of the current persist file, and redirect it to a file. Edit the content of this file. Use persist-tool add with this file to modify the persist. The add command has the following options:

  • --help or -?

    Display a brief help message.

  • --output-dir=<directory> or -o

    Required parameter. The directory where the persist file is located at. The name of the persist file stored in this directory must be syslog-ng.persist.

Example: /opt/syslog-ng/bin/persist-tool add dump_persist -o .

The valid output looks like:

log_reader_curpos(Application)      OK
affile_sd_curpos(/var/aaa.txt)        OK

The invalid output looks like:

log_reader_curpos(Application)      OK
FAILED (error: Invalid entry syntax)
affile_sd_curpos(/var/aaa.txt)        OK



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