Using modules

To increase its flexibility and simplify the development of additional modules, the AxoSyslog application is modular. The majority of AxoSyslog’s functionality is in separate modules. As a result, it is also possible to fine-tune the resource requirements of AxoSyslog (for example, by loading only the modules that are actually used in the configuration, or simply omitting modules that are not used but require large amount of memory).

Each module contains one or more plugins that add some functionality to AxoSyslog (for example, a destination or a source driver).

  • To display the list of available modules, run the syslog-ng --version command.

  • To display the description of the available modules, run the syslog-ng --module-registry command.

  • To customize which modules AxoSyslog automatically loads when AxoSyslog starts, use the --default-modules command-line option of AxoSyslog.

  • To request loading a module from the AxoSyslog configuration file, see Loading modules.

For details on the command-line parameters of AxoSyslog mentioned in the previous list, see the AxoSyslog man page at The syslog-ng manual page.