Setting severity with the set-severity() rewrite function

It is possible to configure the severity field with the set-severity() rewrite function. When configured, the set-severity() rewrite function will only rewrite the $SEVERITY field in the message to the first parameter value specified in the function.


   rewrite <name_of_the_rule> {
        set-severity("severity string or number");


The set-severity() rewrite function has a single, mandatory parameter that can be defined as follows:

   `set-severity( "parameter1" );`

Accepted values

The set-severity() rewrite function accepts the following values:

  • numeric strings: [0-7]
  • named values: emerg, emergency, panic, alert, crit, critical, err, error, warning, warn, notice, info, informational, debug

Example usage for the set-severity() rewrite function

The following examples can be used in production for the set-severity() rewrite function.

Example using string:

   rewrite {

Example using numeric string:

   rewrite {

Example using template:

   rewrite {
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