Getting the list of disk-buffer files


This section describes getting the list of disk-buffer files used in AxoSyslog.

The AxoSyslog application stores information (namely, the IP:PORT or DNS:PORT of the destinations, and the name of the disk-buffer file) about disk-buffer files in its persist file.

Example: command for listing the disk-buffer files in use

The following command will list the disk-buffer files in use:

   /opt/syslog-ng/bin/persist-tool dump /opt/syslog-ng/var/syslog-ng.persist/var/lib/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.persist | awk -F '["=]' '/(qfile\(|\.queue)/ { gsub(/[ \t]+/, "", $5); gsub(/^[0-9A-Fa-f]{8}/, "", $5); "echo "$5"|xxd -r -p"|& getline QUEUE; printf("%s ==> %s\n",$1,QUEUE)}'

The example output will look like the following:

   afsocket_dd_qfile(stream,  ==> /opt/syslog-ng/var/syslog-ng-00000.rqf