External actions

To perform an external action when a message is triggered, for example, to send the message in an email, you have to route the generated messages to an external application using the program() destination.

Example: Sending triggered messages to external applications

The following sample configuration selects the triggered messages and sends them to an external script.

  1. Set a field in the triggered message that is easy to identify and filter. For example:

            <value name="MESSAGE">A log message from ${HOST} matched rule number $.classifier.rule_id</value>
            <value name="TRIGGER">yes</value>
  2. Create a destination that will process the triggered messages.

        destination d_triggers {
            program("/bin/myscript"; );
  3. Create a filter that selects the triggered messages from the internal source.

        filter f_triggers {
            match("yes" value ("TRIGGER") type(string));
  4. Create a logpath that selects the triggered messages from the internal source and sends them to the script:

        log { source(s_local); filter(f_triggers); destination(d_triggers); };
  5. Create a script that will actually process the generated messages, for example:

        while (<>) {
            # body of the script to send emails, snmp traps, and so on
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