The type() options of regular expressions

By default, AxoSyslog uses PCRE-style regular expressions, which are supported on every platform starting with AxoSyslog version 3.1. To use other expression types, add the type() option after the regular expression.

The AxoSyslog application supports the following type() options:

Perl Compatible Regular Expressions (pcre)

Description: Uses Perl Compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE). If the type() parameter is not specified, AxoSyslog uses PCRE regular expressions by default.

For more information about the flags() options of PCRE regular expressions, see The flags() options of regular expressions.

Literal string searches (string)

Description: Matches the strings literally, without regular expression support. By default, only identical strings are matched. For partial matches, use the flags("prefix") or the flags("substring") flags.

For more information about the flags() options of literal string searches, see The flags() options of regular expressions.

Glob patterns without regular expression support (glob)

Description: Matches the strings against a pattern containing \* and ? wildcards, without regular expression and character range support. The advantage of glob patterns to regular expressions is that globs can be processed much faster.

  • \*: matches an arbitrary string, including an empty string

  • ?: matches an arbitrary character

  • The wildcards can match the / character.

  • You cannot use the \* and ? literally in the pattern.

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