Synopsis:facility() or facility() or facility(..)

Description: Match messages having one of the listed facility codes.

The facility() filter accepts both the name and the numerical code of the facility or the importance level. Facility codes 0-23 are predefined and can be referenced by their usual name. Facility codes above 24 are not defined.

You can use the facility filter the following ways:

  • Use a single facility name, for example, facility(user)

  • Use a single facility code, for example, facility(1)

  • Use a facility range (works only with facility names), for example, facility(local0..local5)

The AxoSyslog application recognizes the following facilities: (Note that some of these facilities are available only on specific platforms.)

syslog Message Facilities recognized by the facility() filter

Numerical CodeFacility nameFacility
0kernkernel messages
1useruser-level messages
2mailmail system
3daemonsystem daemons
4authsecurity/authorization messages
5syslogmessages generated internally by syslogd
6lprline printer subsystem
7newsnetwork news subsystem
8uucpUUCP subsystem
9cronclock daemon
10authprivsecurity/authorization messages
11ftpFTP daemon
12ntpNTP subsystem
13securitylog audit
14consolelog alert
15solaris-cronclock daemon
16-23local0..local7locally used facilities (local0-local7)