Pi-hole Faster Than Light logs

Starting with version 4.6.0, AxoSyslog can collect logs of the Pi-hole FTL (Faster Than Light) application.

source s_pihole_ftl {

By default, the source reads the /var/log/pihole/FTL.log file. If the root directory of your Pi-hole installation is different, specify the directory where the FTL.log file is with the dir() option. You can find the root log directory by selecting Tools > Pi-hole diagnosis in the Pi-hole application. Otherwise, the pihole-ftl() source has the same parameters as the file() source.

The pihole-ftl() driver is actually a reusable configuration snippet. For details on using or writing such configuration snippets, see Reusing configuration blocks. You can find the source of this configuration snippet on GitHub.

Last modified June 4, 2024: More github link updates (13f3206)