Location of the configuration file

To configure AxoSyslog, edit the syslog-ng.conf file with any regular text editor application. The location of the configuration file depends on the platform you are running AxoSyslog, and how you have installed AxoSyslog it.

  • Native packages of a platform (like the ones downloaded from Linux repositories) typically place the configuration file under the /etc/syslog-ng/ directory.
  • Containers: When running AxoSyslog in a container, typically you map an external file to the /etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf file within the container. Check the mapped volumes of your container, and edit the external file.
  • Kubernetes: If you’re running AxoSyslog in Kubernetes and have installed it with helm, usually you configure AxoSyslog by editing a values.yaml file, and redeploying AxoSyslog. Often the syslog-ng.conf part is under the config.raw section in the values.yaml file. For details, see Parameters of the AxoSyslog collector Helm chart.