Statistics of AxoSyslog

The AxoSyslog application collects various statistics and measures different metrics about the messages it receives and delivers. These metrics are collected into different counters, depending on the configuration of AxoSyslog. The stats-level() global option determines exactly which statistics AxoSyslog collects. You can access these statistics and metrics using the following methods.

Legacy: Unstructured, bulk methods

  • Using the internal() source.

  • Using the syslog-ng-ctl stats command.

    For further information about using syslog-ng-ctl commands, see The syslog-ng control tool manual page.

  • Use the socat application: echo STATS | socat -vv UNIX-CONNECT:/opt/syslog-ng/var/run/syslog-ng.ctl -

  • If you have an OpenBSD-style netcat application installed, use the echo STATS | nc -U /opt/syslog-ng/var/run/syslog-ng.ctl command. Note that the netcat included in most Linux distributions is a GNU-style version that is not suitable to query the statistics of syslog-ng.