internal: Collect internal messages

All messages generated internally by AxoSyslog use this special source. To collect warnings, errors and notices from AxoSyslog itself, include this source in one of your source statements.


The AxoSyslog application will issue a warning upon startup if none of the defined log paths reference this driver.

Example: Using the internal() driver

   source s_local { internal(); };

The AxoSyslog application sends the following message types from the internal() source:

  • fatal: Priority value: critical (2), Facility value: syslog (5)

  • error: Priority value: error (3), Facility value: syslog (5)

  • warning: Priority value: warning (4), Facility value: syslog (5)

  • notice: Priority value: notice (5), Facility value: syslog (5)

  • info: Priority value: info (6), Facility value: syslog (5)

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