Batch mode and load balancing

Starting with version 3.34, you can send multiple log messages with the help of Redis’s pipelining feature.

Batch size

The batch-lines(), batch-lines(), and batch-timeout() options of the destination determine how many log messages AxoSyslog sends in a batch. The batch-lines() option determines the maximum number of messages AxoSyslog puts in a batch in. This can be limited based on size and time:

AxoSyslog sends a batch every batch-timeout() milliseconds, even if the number of messages in the batch is less than batch-lines(). That way the destination receives every message in a timely manner even if suddenly there are no more messages.

To increase the performance of the destination, increase the number of worker threads for the destination using the workers() option, or adjust the batch-lines() and/or batch-timeout() options.

Example: Redis batch mode

The following destination sends log messages to a Redis server using the pipelining feature. A batch consists of 100 messages and is sent every 10 seconds (10000 milliseconds) if there is less than 100 messages are in the queue.

   destination d_redis {
            command("HINCRBY", "hosts", "$HOST", "1")