The MSG message part

This section describes the MSG message part of a syslog message, according to the legacy-syslog or BSD-syslog protocol.

For further details about the HEADER and PRI message parts of a syslog message, see the following sections:

  • [HEADER](/docs/axosyslog-core/chapter-concepts/concepts-message-structure/concepts-message-bsdsyslog/concepts-message-bsdsyslog-header/)

  • [PRI](/docs/axosyslog-core/chapter-concepts/concepts-message-structure/concepts-message-bsdsyslog/concepts-message-bsdsyslog-pri/)

The MSG message part

The MSG part contains the name of the program or process that generated the message, and the text of the message itself. The MSG part is usually in the following format: program[pid]: message text.

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