Optimize Your
Observability Supply Chain

from the creators of syslog-ng & kubernetes logging-operator

Our vision

Consolidating existing solutions

Optimize the Observability Supply Chain

Axoflow enables enterprises to maximize their Observability investment by controlling, refining, and monitoring the Observability Supply Chain:  A Cloud-native collection and curation solution designed to optimize the full machine data lifecycle, critical to both traditional and cloud-native environments.

Observe and Control

Observe and Control

Observe and control your data collection infrastructure
Manage the entire observability data lifecycle
Unify on-premise and cloud observability
Refine and Curate

Refine and Curate

Resolve common formatting and other data issues
Classify and enrich your data for more value
Transform to the right format for consumers
Smart Edge

Smart Edge

Preserve and integrate contextual metadata
Process data right at the edge
Store and inspect data before collection
Secure by Design

Secure by Design

Encrypt data in motion and at rest

Retain original data for compliance

Role based access control; region policies

Our products

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We are excited to be realizing our vision above with a full Axoflow product suite.  Please click the button below to chart our progress and stay up to date on the latest developments!

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