Unified Telemetry Management

Security and Observability

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Unified Telemetry Management

Security and Observability

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Observability infrastructure automated

The Axoflow Platform is an end-to-end observability pipeline solution that automates and simplifies the control

of your telemetry infrastructure with a platform agnostic approach.

Feed your SIEM and observability backends with telemetry data that extends to the edge in the cloud and on-premise.

Turn your raw, unstructured machine data into destination-optimized formats.

Extract the full value of your observability infrastructure by combining edge-to-edge visibility and reliability with lower costs.


reduction in infrastructure footprint


reduction in telemetry pipeline cost


reduction in Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)


  • Reduce ITops costs by removing infrastructure redundancy and consolidating data volume
  • Increase data reliability with a dramatic drop in data loss, along with full visibility into pipelines
  • Optimize traffic via distributed collection and single-pane-of-glass management
  • Manage telemetry collection from a single platform across all silos
More Efficient IT Operations
Telemetry Data Governance

Telemetry Data Governance

  • Know what you collect and why
  • Organize data flows based on your policies
  • Optimize data retention time and storage
  • Automatically route unclaimed data to low-cost storage


Meet OMB M-21-31, GDPR, and PCI DSS requirements and satisfy your company policy with:
  • Log management policies with data retention options
  • Data encryption in motion
  • Evidence collection for data delivery
  • Attestation of policy-conform settings of edge devices
Easier Compliance

Why the Axoflow Platform?

Unparalleled simplicity
and visibility

Observability to the syslog layer, incl. metrics, management, and configuration

Intelligent telemetry management

Smart data reduction and transformation with AI analytics

Significantly lower

Up to 90% reduction in infrastructure costs


Deployed at scale in the world’s most demanding
IT environments.

fleet management

Works seamlessly with industry-standard technologies (syslog, OpenTelemetry, and more)

World-class log
management solutions

Proven technology, deployed from POS terminals to airplanes.

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