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Our Guiding Principles

Our founder team

Our Founder Team

Our founder team consists of successful entrepreneurs with a vast knowledge and hands-on experience about observability, log management, and how to apply these technologies in the enterprise security context. We also happen to be the creators of wide-spread open source technologies in this area, like syslog-ng and the Logging operator for Kubernetes.

Our products

Our Products

Our products help organizations to consolidate their existing solutions for logs, metrics, and traces, and evolve them into a cloud native observability infrastructure to solve challenges in the areas of Compliance, Security and Observability, be them in the cloud, on-premises, or hybrid.

Our knowledge

Our Knowledge

We believe that knowledge is an important ingredient to any solution in this field, thus we help you plan, deploy, and manage your observability and logging
infrastructure, and keep it secure, transparent, scalable, resilient, and cost-effective.

Founding members

Balázs Scheidler


Balazs Scheidler, Axoflow CEO

Balázs was a founder & CTO at Balabit, a company focused on Privileged Access Management (PAM) and Enterprise Log Management (syslog-ng). After Balabit was acquired by Quest/One Identity, Balázs became a known figure in the Hungarian startup scene, becoming an angel investor and mentor for startup CEOs.

Although a founder and executive by profession, Balázs has always remained a Software Engineer by heart, founding and contributing to several open source projects ranging from compilers (Free Pascal), cryptographic protocol implementations (LSH an SSH2 implementation) to kernel networking code (Netfilter iptables, Transparent Proxying). This open source base was the basic foundation for starting Balabit, which was his very first job.

Having started syslog-ng in 1998 as an open source project and then co-opting it as a product into Balabit, Balázs has seen the logging space evolve from being a feature in sendmail to enterprise infrastructures processing data at the petabyte scale. Although he was part of this evolution for over two decades, he continues to think that the problem of logging still hasn’t been solved.

“We are better at coping with volume, but cloud adoption, cloud native architectures with microservices, and the limitation of the talent pool all show that we need new solutions in this space, which Axoflow is set up to do.”

Sándor Guba


Sándor Guba, Axoflow CTO

Sandor is a software engineer and a big fan of distributed systems. He started working on private cloud solutions at the university and continued to work with large distributed systems at Ustream (later acquired by IBM).

His main field has always been observability and logging. Kubernetes was a natural step forward from cloud orchestrators. Seeing the opportunity, he was one of the co-founders of Banzai Cloud, a company providing tools for Kubernetes operations. During the Banzai time, he was responsible for observability and founded open-source projects like the Logging Operator and Thanos Operator.

After Cisco acquired Banzai Cloud, he remained in this field to further improve the operator and the developer experience through observability. When he met Balazs, they soon realized they share the same values and vision about how to do logging and observability in the future.

“I sincerely believe that at Axoflow, we have the motivation and experience to have game-changing impact on the way companies do logging and observability.”

Ferenc Hernádi

VP of Services

Ferenc Hernádi, Axoflow VP of Services

Ferenc started his career in banking IT operations, then used the experience gained in this field to create and qualify a PCI-DSS-certified credit card payment gateway system. The next chapter of his career started in 2011 when he joined the early Ustream team, working on managing hyper-growth infrastructure and live video streaming requirements. At Ustream, he actively participated in the complete evolution of the heavy-duty IT infrastructure from the on-premise multi-regional data centers through the visualization to the cloud-native containerization.

Shortly after the acquisition of Ustream in 2015, he and his friends founded a new company called Banzai Cloud. The primary goal of Banzai Cloud was to develop products and services that help enterprises to adapt and transform their infrastructure to cloud-native technologies. Cisco acquired Banzai Cloud only after three years of its foundation.

“Rancher adopting our Logging Operator as its default logging solution was a big step, but I believe we will reform logging with Axoflow.”

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Ádám Dudás

Ádám Dudás

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Sándor Lovász

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Máté Őry

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Attila Szakács

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László Várady

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Péter Wilcsinszky

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