Downloading sample pattern databases

To simplify the building of pattern databases, Axoflow has released sample databases. You can download sample pattern databases from the Axoflow GitHub page.

Note that these pattern databases are only samples and experimental databases. They are not officially supported, and may or may not work in your environment.

The pattern databases are available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 (CC by-SA) license. This includes every pattern database written by community contributors or the Axoflow staff. It means that:

  • You are free to use and modify the patterns for your needs.

  • If you redistribute the pattern databases, you must distribute your modifications under the same license.

  • If you redistribute the pattern databases, you must make it obvious that the source of the original pattern databases is the GitHub page.

For legal details, the full text of the license is available here.

If you create patterns that are not available in the GitHub repository, consider sharing them with the community. To do this, open a GitHub issue, or contact us.