syslog-ng is an open source, versatile and highly scalable system logging application used in millions of deployments to create centralized and trusted logging solutions.

It is also used in a wide range of consumer products, from Kindle readers to cars and airplanes.


Created more than twenty years ago as a syslogd replacement for improved routing, filtering, and reliability, syslog-ng soon gained popularity in open source communities, and became a standard building block of logging infrastructures.

Over the Years

Over the years, syslog-ng was the foundation of commercially successful product lines, became supported by the biggest SIEM and log management vendors, and adopted by some of the world’s largest companies and government agencies.


Syslog-ng is a mature tool loved for its high performance, configurability, and support for a wide range of platforms, data sources, and destinations. As one of its most active contributors, we also maintain the AxoSyslog documentationcontainer images, and charts.

Logging Operator

Logging operator is the standard Kubernetes tool to configure and manage a centralized logging solution for a cluster, using cloud native tools and philosophies in a secure manner.

Logging operator makes setting up a centralized logging solution straightforward, so it has gained popularity and soon became the go-to tool for Kubernetes logging. Today, it has a vibrant community, and is the default logging solution in Rancher (by SUSE), the world’s most popular Kubernetes Management platform.

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