Axoflow Presents at New York State Cyber Security Conference

The New York Cyber Security Conference continues today at the Empire State Plaza in Albany, New York. The conference is well attended by state and local cyber security and commercial cyber security professionals. The conference this year was focused on information security and Axoflow’s Mark Bonsack had the opportunity to present on one of the industries long standing issues: Data Quality in the SIEM.

Data quality – the never-ending SIEM problem.

The growth rate of security data requiring management and monitoring by firms continues to grow at unsustainable rates, meaning that the old way of sending everything to the SIEM is not a sustainable model anymore. Data growth rates at 25% per year mean exponentially increasing complexity and that SIEM costs can double every three years. Budgets simply do not support those growth rates, but the need for securing your data has never been more urgent. To make matters worse, most of the data sent to the SIEM today is unstructured – making the data sets and queries inefficient for teams working on threat hunting. 

Intelligent data collection, classification, and curation in the data pipeline is one of the best options available to cyber security teams to reduce the noise in their SIEMs and create a more effective and efficient SIEM. Mark’s presentation focused not only on filtering the correct data to send but also on the need to apply the proper schema to the data for the specific destination. Large volumes of unstructured data makes for unruly queries and can also mis-lead cyber teams in their investigations. Axoflow helps organizations by providing a security data curation pipeline that will automatically curate and apply schema as close to the source as possible before it arrives at the SIEM. Enterprises that practice applying schema at the source can significantly lower their SIEM costs and improve their security posture at the same time. 

For more information on AxoRouter, the Axoflow data curation engine, request a demo.

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