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Axoflow strongly believes in the mission of Splunk, and we strive to enhance the efficiency of Splunk installations and the productivity of the teams that work with the data every day. Though Splunk has an incredible ability to make sense of just about any data format, Splunk is far more effective and efficient when presented with data that has undergone preparation before ingestion. Axoflow is committed to the development of intuitive data transport and preparation tools that ensure data is reliably (and measurably) delivered in a way that optimizes Splunk’s resources, and provides a far richer user experience.

At Splunk .conf24 we will be showing Splunk users how we can help them maximize the value of their Splunk investment with a next-generation security data curation pipeline that delivers data to Splunk on a “silver platter”.

With roots in both traditional and cloud-native logging, Axoflow is modernizing the telemetry pipeline with sophisticated capabilities that effectively prepare the data for Splunk consumption, while providing continuous monitoring and alerting on the operation of the data transport systems themselves. You will finally have full visibility into the entire transport chain before data arrives in Splunk! Here are some features that you will want to see:

  • Automatic Data Classification 
  • Built-in Data Curation
  • Modern transport for syslog traffic (OTLP)
  • Log Tapping
  • Fleet management
  • Transport metrics (UDP packet drop/loss)
  • System health with Alerts and Reporting
  • Real-time Data Analytics

We are also unveiling AxoRouter, the next-generation collection, curation, and delivery portion of the Axoflow Platform that provides:

  • Unprecedented scale and performance
  • Zero-maintenance data sources
  • Utilizes OTLP for multiple-hop architectures (including WAN transport)
  • Expands on the goals of SC4S to effectively pre-condition syslog data delivered to Splunk 
  • Significantly expanded data source and destination support
  • Effective machine learning capability to rapidly classify and curate new data sources

Getting Data into Splunk (GDI) has never been easier. Stop by Booth 209 for a demo or ask us about any of your GDI needs!


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We are excited to be realizing our vision above with a full Axoflow product suite.

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