We’re exhibiting and presenting at the 26th Annual New York State Cybersecurity Conference and 18th Annual Symposium on Information Assurance (ASIA)! Check out the agenda and come to see Mark’s talk: Data quality – the never-ending SIEM problem. Learn how to make SIEMs much less costly and far more rewarding for your analysts and detection engineers!

For years, relational databases have provided a mechanism to store and retrieve transactional data with speed and scale. More recently, “data lakes” and other object storage have served business and operational needs as data volumes have grown exponentially.  However, in the security world, these data structures are not nearly as useful, leaving the data collected by security practitioners far less rigorously prepared and governed.

SIEMs have consigned themselves to being able to “collect anything, in any format” without a traditional database schema or governance policy. However, this delayed- or no-schema approach has yielded less-than-optimal results for security practitioners due to the challenges with the necessary data curation processes needed before analysis.

The reality is that security data has no less of a need for a schema than traditional transactional data. The SIEM world has now realized that the earlier that schema is applied, the more cost-effective and successful detection engineering and analysis operations will be. With optimized telemetry pipelines, organizations can now automatically create, manage, visualize, and govern these schemas and data flows, ensuring that only appropriate data is collected, curated, and delivered to the desired destinations in the formats best suited to each tool or storage location.

In this presentation we will walk through the history of security data analysis, the unique challenges security data presents, and discover the universal, SIEM-independent benefits of telemetry optimization. Learn how to make SIEMs much less costly and far more rewarding for your analysts and detection engineers!

Join us on June 4, 3:30 PM at the Empire State Plaza Convention Center in Albany, NY.

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