Axoflow Benefits

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90% reduction in infrastructure footprint

  • Logging components and agents (such as Logstash and Fluentd) are often written in slow, high-level languages, delivering only 1-10% of the Axoflow performance.
  • AxoRouter can offer 9x performance improvement resulting in a significantly smaller deployment over Fluentd.
More Efficient IT Operations
Telemetry Data Governance

50% reduction in telemetry pipeline cost

Manually managing a telemetry pipeline is difficult and labor intensive. This manifests in:
  • Higher costs of daily operations. Mundane tasks such as finding or parsing issues and identifying new data sources take most of the time.
  • Efforts to increase data quality and decrease data volumes are not effective.

Axoflow automates both the management and the data transformation process, thereby reducing the real and alternative costs associated with the data collection infrastructure in place.

30% reduction in Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)

Metrics, visualization, alerts, and reports help diagnose and fix pipeline-related issues.

  • Network and data-flow metrics presented together help to quickly separate server issues from data issues and network issues.
  • Real-time visualization of the data flow helps to find malformed or mis-parsed messages.
  • Alerts and metrics show data drops and detect orphan syslog producers that would otherwise go unnoticed for months.
Easier Compliance